Welcome Lorelle Oliveira to the Noveau Riche Team!

My name is Lorelle Oliveira. I am excited to work with NVRCH PR, as I respect the young women who are founders of the company. I am honored to serve as an editor and writer contributing to the influential content that they produce.

My background extends from broadcast (television/radio) to marketing and public relations. I am also the writer of a blog called ModishMoms.org, where I discuss my experiences as a single mother who is finishing her degree. It serves as a platform for honesty and encouragement to other moms working to pursue their goals.

I think that public relations is so imperative to successful marketing and campaigns. Being able to brand yourself efficiently is what essentially determines if your business survives. Public relations plays a big part in that process because you must know how to connect with your audience and various demographics. That is why I am passionate about it; because I love people.

It is my pleasure to work alongside the beautiful and talented Jauntel Taffe and Imani Harris. I look forward to defying the odds with them and taking over the PR world through Nouveau Riche Consulting.

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