The Power of Networking

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” surround yourself with people who are doing better than you”? That is such a true statement and a mantra to live by. When you are in an environment  where like-minded individuals are working just as diligently as you,  you are destined to succeed.  Essentially, this can also tie into networking. Networking is necessary and it is crucial to building a brand and a business.

When you network, you are building relationships and bridging gaps. You never know who you may meet and how you all may connect. Connections can mean so much on a business level and on a personal level. There is always an opportunity to exchange information with others about similar business interests, thoughts, companies, etc. You never know what may come from it.

Always remember to be open. Attend as many events as you can that highlight what it is you want to do and that can ultimately help you excel in your career. Remember to be a giver while  you are being receptive; meaning offer your skills and services to others as well. Let people know what your interests, passions and skills are.

The old saying is indeed true. Sometimes it is not always about WHAT you know, it is about WHO you know. The networking that you do can make all the difference!

Some key things to remember when networking: 

  1. Always be formal and casual. Keep the conversation light enough that it isn’t forced but always remind yourself that it is a still a formal setting (remain business minded)
  2. Exchange contact information: Always leave the connections you make with your contact information and ask them if they are comfortable sharing theirs.
  3. Follow up about the conversation with the contact information: When you return to your daily life and routine, always send a follow up message with a warm greeting a re-cap of the conversation. This refreshes the conversation and makes you more memorable

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