Working the dream: Beauty in the Struggle

Sticking to the dream is very tedious and time consuming. It becomes frustrating and sometimes very gray. You can have your life plans completely mapped out and an entire agenda of what it is you want to do but suddenly a series of different events begin to occur and you find yourself trying to salvage the dream.

First and foremost, the world today is mostly driven by money. The common consensus is that if you are not making money or chasing money then you are not really doing anything of value. That is such an unfortunate narrative. Many times the struggle and the journey behind building the dream is the very thing that makes it worth while. Unfortunately though, in today’s generation, we live in a ‘microwave’ era. We so desperately want instant gratification and for everything to fall together as soon a we snap our fingers. Such a mentality can be accredited to the growing age of technology, applications and our ability to see a glimpse of other people’s lives. With this, we automatically begin to compare our lives to the lives of others and suddenly what we have is not good enough. This cycle of coveting has to end.

We have to learn that are dreams are worth struggling for and commit to them diligently.  The challenge is finding a way to stay encouraged throughout the process and not abandoning the blueprint. The dedication and perseverance it takes a build a brand and a business is the same dedication and perseverance needed to maintain longevity and ensure that it survives. So, if you do not possess that in the beginning, what makes you think that you will possess that in the end. You must start how you want to finish.

When the challenging times present themselves, put the work into your dreams. There may be times of uncertainty, but in those times revisit the reasons why you ventured to chase your dreams in the first place.

There is in fact beauty in the struggle much like a caterpillar blossoming into a butterfly.

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