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Founders, Jauntel Taffe and Imani Harris are millennial brand and PR strategists who have worked with a number of lifestyle, beauty and entertainment brands. They have assisted emerging and established brands with positioning to better target millennial consumers.

Jauntel Taffe

Jauntel “Sweety” Taffe is a 24 year old Public Relations Strategist from Atlanta, Ga, by way of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Jauntel is a strategist who has grasped the importance of relationship building, and the power of assembling like-minded individuals. She studied at Georgia Southern University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations and a minor in Fashion Merchandise. Upon graduating, Jauntel created a lifestyle site, Sweetyville. It serves as a platform that showcases successful women who are actively pursuing success and encourages woman to woman networking.In accordance with the Sweetyville brand, Jauntel also launched an apparel line in April 2015, called Love Sweetyville, composed of retro-vintage styles alongside modern-day trends.

Through building her personal brand, she has gained experience with social media, website management and has first hand knowledge of what it takes to construct a noteworthy campaign.

Combining both public relations fundamentals and fashion consciousness, she co-founded Nouveau Riche Consulting, a millennial driven public relations firm that specializes in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and entertainment.

As she embarks on new projects daily, Taffe is a dynamic force that is making her mark in the public relations industry.

Connect with Jauntel:
IG: @Sw33terthanu
Sweetyville IG: @LoveSweetyville
NR Consulting IG: @NouveauRichePR

Imani Harris

Atlanta native, Imani Harris is no stranger to the fast-paced fashion lifestyle. Her passions for image branding, and promotion inspired her to major in Public Relations at Georgia Southern University. Upon graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science in 2011, she co-founded Nouveau Riche Consulting, a millennial driven public relations firm focused on merging entertainment, beauty and fashion.

As a strategist, Imani aspires to introduce new branding techniques that help generate revenue for her clients and maintain the company’s longevity.

Connect with Imani:
IG: @mani_loveee
Business IG: @NouveauRichePR

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